Fold equity

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    • BadeaCelRau
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      I think it's the equity you gain if your opponent folds.
    • axeboy90
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      Fold equity is the probability that villain will fold to our raise.

      >> Fold equity

      See the Glossary for more.

    • zwink
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      It is the equity gained when your opponent folds, giving up his equity.

      For example: If you have AK and you opponent has 22 and the pot is lets say 10$ the equity is essentially 50-50 or a coin-flip. So if you go all-in and he call you every time this is break-even in the long run. However in real life when you go all in he will often fold, giving up on his 50% equity in this pot. If for example he folds 30% of the time then 30% off the time you pick up the 10$ pot while the other 70% of the time you will be break even. So total it is a +EV (positive expected value play) to raise.

      This is one of the main reasons why it is (almost) always better to be the aggressor when playing a pot.