Are these bad beats?

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      I was reading some of the pokerstrategy's articles earlier and moved onto the forums. I looked at some of the threads regarding bad beats and I was annoyed by what some people consider a bad beat. I just wanted to know how often people experience bad beats such as the ones below; as I feel they are way too frequent in my game.


      $1.10 freezeout (early stage,early position, starting stack 1500)

      Starting hand: AsAc
      Raised the pot size, approx 210
      One call,
      One re-raise all in,
      I called and so did other player.

      re-raiser hand: ThTc
      other caller: KhKc

      Flop8 Ad Kd

      Everyone splits as no-one had a diamond.

      Secondly: 0.02/0.05 rush poker

      My hand(button): 55 raise to 0.17
      BB: re-raise to 0.34

      I called (maybe stupidly)

      Flop turns up:

      I checked, He bet 0.75
      I moved all-in
      He called and turned over 99


      He takes it down with quad 2's, 9 high.

      Are these bad beats extreme, or general bad beats? I did not get particularly lucky at any point.

      Also, I got pocket KK 8 times, only got to see 7 flops and one of them turned up an Ace and I got forced to fold!!!
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