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Hi, Iam a 20 years old player living in sweden, have played poker for about 3 years now, at NLSH 10->50 On Svs mostly.

Why i need a stake? Have wasted most of my bankroll on a Car licence
So i havent played serious for some time, have deposited 100 euro playing some and taken it out when i need it irl.

I want to step my game up and i look for a staker who is willing to put in some time to arrange coaching and such i dont mind starting out at the really low lvl's so the risk isent that high and then advance, looking for a 50/50 deal or a 40/60 deal with good and regular coaching.

The level i prefer to start at is Nl25 or Nl50, Think i have an edge on both a bigger edge on Nl25 for obvious reasons.

Best regards : Ruben