Clubs/discos at london

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      I'm going to London tomorrow morning, with my flatmate. I've been there several times but I don't know anything about clubs/discos because I usually didn't have time for that the other times.

      So, I was wondering, which clubs are good?

      I like David Guetta/Daddy yankee/salsa stuff :D Yeah, not very "good" music but...

      If you have ever been at Barcelona I like Shoko/Costa Breve/Sutton discos or Moma's/Pacha at Madrid. Just in case you can compare. There you can listen the music I told you and it's a bit posh.

      Something similar in London?

      Also, do anybody know when there's cash at the palm beach casino? I was there once and it was a fish festival... It was NL1K pounds, still the same?


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