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Knockout STT at PS

    • Leviatan
      Joined: 12.09.2007 Posts: 155
      What do you think about them? Are they even profitable? I've played some of them the other day to fill my set and I noticed that there was no regs there... so I thought that maybe they are not profitable or something...
      On the other hand.. there was full of fishes... and maybe they will tend to call you more often couse of the bounty... dunno... what do you think?
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    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      I haven't played any knockout tournaments myself. However, it is often a good bet that tournaments with new or unusual formats will be filled with players who don't understand them yet. For example, I play limit tournaments, and each time a significant fraction of the players thought they were signing up for a no limit tournament, and have no idea how to play limit. In fact, some have no interest, either, and dump off their chips ... slowly.

      Under one model of tournament play, your expected share of the remaining bounties is linear in the size of your stack. This means you can play as though the bounty money is added to the prize for first place, except when you are playing a pot in which a bounty might be awarded. Of course, remember that players will call loosely to try to knock you out, so you value bet a little more and semibluff a little less.