[Application] a large amount of mtts stake required

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      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

      over this weekend i will b running a series of mtts on ft and altough weather i am staked or not i will be running these i will start by buying 30 % of my action but will buy any remainder that is left b4 the 1st mtt

      the reason why is because i will b looking very soon for a serious staker over a long time period and need to show not only can i play the game but also that i am trust worthy

      i have selected a wide range of games that i can show i am profitable , The main 1 i am very profitable is rush rebuys with more than 10 fnle tbles and 20+ top 18 with most fnle tbles we have chopped when few left as such large chip staks

      as so many tourneys i might cxl some if running deep in others , i only want 6tbles playin at a time any action not picked up as i say i will buy myself

      saturday may 14th

      2x 2+20 rush rebuy 7:35 tilt time 236613039 = 20 $

      1x 24+2 12k ko grt 9:00 tilt time 236622276 = 26 $

      1x 10+1 superstack 9:30 tilt time 236625872 = 11$

      1x 10+1 mini ftops 18 rebuy 12:00 tilt time 234089567 ?rebuy + ad on 50 $

      1x 10+1 rush rebuy 12:30 tilt time (id unavalable when list made) ** 50 $

      1x 10+1 superstack 13:00 tilt time (id unavalable atm) ** =11$

      1x 20+2 mini ftops 20 rush double stack 14:00 tilt time 234089761 = 22 $

      1x 2+20 rush rebuy 14:35 tilt time (id unavalable atm) = 10 $

      1x 3.30 rush rebuy 16:35 tilt time (id unavalable) 15 $

      1x 20+2 mini 16 plo8 limit 17:00 tilt time 234089419 = 22 $

      of the rebuys i will make to addon if it cost me more its my responisiblity to pay if less than will b put back into winnings

      ill start on saturday if good response i will do 1 for sunday too

      total 237 $

      as i say i will buy 30 % action and any left over straight 50 / 50 split

      2.37 $ so we work from there 1%

      name on full tilt is beatrice123


      feed back for beatrice123
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