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hi im new here herby_poker

    • herbypoker
      Joined: 14.05.2011 Posts: 32
      well ok hi everyone im new here and first of all i have to say nice job on this site
      lots of info and correct working of the functionality of the site..

      ok in a nutshell i used to play backgammon for a long time on who was owned by billgates.. many hackers and script kiddies have been a pain in the butt of and a few years ago bilgates decided it was time to close zone wich was his pet project and auto the whole backgammon happening..

      before this happend friends of me started to play poker and took me along
      thats where i first met poker texas holden ..
      becouse of its magiq appealing to me. all or nothing i loved it
      how ever the more i playd the more i realised its nothing but war on the tables
      and thats how i started to look at the game nothing more or less.
      the other problem was the unrelieble software. to many bugs paterns and god knows what else in so many poker software sites..
      so i accepted it and playd usualy against the software not the person.
      when pokerstars came and fulltilt i playd both sites to see not much has changed,.
      new name old trick..
      anyway been there for a while at first i lost against better hands ( bad beats)
      so it took a while to figure out what the best format i need to play in order to win
      i followd a friend of me and started to play 10 dollar or so 9 person tables.
      thats where i started to earn money back.
      pretty soon i got over the break even point started to make money. so i started to cash out small ammounts of money making it a sport 10 dollar to start with and cashing out 100 dollar lots of times.
      until the last time 20 of april i playd a 24 dollar game with 45 players
      became second place wanted to cash out got a bonus for beating a pro of fulltilt
      but im stil waiting for my money.
      thus i lost the interest of playing poker.. its just gone becouse of this .
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    • MarcPS
      Joined: 09.11.2010 Posts: 1,077
      Hi herby,

      Great poker history there.

      Sad to hear that you've lost your interest in the game though, maybe we can help you get it back?

      If you have cashout problems at Full Tilt, I'd advise you to be a little patient right now, but there's never any harm in contacting their support team. Just be prepared to wait a little longer than usual for your response. In any event, I wouldn't let one issue with a cash out get in the way of learning and improving your game....I mean, that's why you came and joined us, right? :s_grin:

      Now that you're here, what are you hoping to learn from us?

      If you're playing multi-table sit and goes, I'd recommend videos by AaronLambert and Jonathan Little which you can find here.


      :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club:
    • AaronLambert
      Joined: 05.05.2010 Posts: 446
      Welcome Herby... or should I call you bloodbath! hope you get your money soon