HUD not working in Multientry tourneys FTP

    • vonki
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      So my hud isnt working properly. It is on every tournament that isnt a multi entry, but on all of the multientrys the HUD of opponents arent showing. Or well, at first it didnt show at all, now it shows but is stuck on 0 hands.

      It had worked before when i played multientrys (only my own HUD was missing).

      I have tried everything I could come across, I have relaunched hud a billion times, I have unchecked/checked tables in table manager, rebooted HEM, rebooted PC, changed time settings to M/dd/yyyy and rebooted, unchecked "track live hands" (was alrdy unchecked) but nothing helps. Quite annoying since the Multi-entry tournaments are a huge part of my MTT-field tonight :(

      Any ideas???
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    • netsrak
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      • Please reboot your computer and install the latest update as first thing after the reboot.
      • Your ftp client must be switched to english language and installed to the default location.
      • Sometimes it is necessary to start the FTP Client as administrator.
      • Under XP the user needs to have administrator rights.
      • HM->Hud options->Site options -> FTP -> Use ocr... must be disabled (unticked)
      • Enable the prefetch under site options->ftp and add the prefetch folder to the auto-import folders.
      • Reset the # of player filters in the additional hud filters to the default settings (2-10 for all # of players).
      • All limit filters should be enabled in the additional hud filters (right side).