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    • farin121
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      I was asked to send my id.
      I have a drivers license and a normal id card.
      My Id card is not in English.
      my drivers license have only my full name and date of birth in English
      But not my adress .
      I don't have a passport.
      I was wondering if my drivers license is good even without my adress ?
      Or, I have another way to verify my identity ?

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    • IngridN
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      Hi farin121,

      For the ID check please send in your colour scanned or photographed picture of

      - The back and front side of your ID card, passport or drivers licence, (doesnt matter about the language)

      - Proof of residence - for example a utility bill (gas, electricity, telephone) or a bank statement addressed to you. (which will verify your address for us, even if its on your parents name, as you must have the same surname I suppose)

      Hope this was helpful?