wasting free money

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      This is a tale of two live poker rooms. Both are in casinos. One offers fixed limit, and I'm playing there. The other offers only $1/$2 no limit and I've _thought_ about checking it out.

      The casino associated with the no limit poker room just sent me a birthday card that serves as a coupon. Any time between June 1 and June 30, I present the coupon at a novelty table (blackjack, etc.) and get a free $15 bet. I have to play a hand. If I lose, I'm SOL. If I win the hand, I can immediately cash out the initial $15 plus any profit.

      Of course, I wouldn't play more than just the one hand at something stupid like blackjack, but I'm wondering whether it would be smart to be a sucker at all and go to the NL cardroom when I wasn't planning to, just to take advantage of that one free $15 blackjack bet. And then, of course, check out the 200NL action in the poker room.

      Any thoughts?
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