I have been using ICM trainer for a while now but it keeps feeling like it's a bit off every so often, I just found a good example:

Heads up situation:
SB: (50)
Hero: 1000 chips, dealt: Q7o

BB: (100)
Villain 13850 chips

Blinds are already put on the table, so the stacks are excluding the blinds.

My action: Fold

ICM trainer: Push

Push Range: 56,3% 22+ Kx+ Q2s+ Q6o+ J3s+ J8o+ T5s+ T8o+ 95s+ 98o 85s+ 87o 74s+ 64s+ 54s


If I understand correctly, this means I should push Q6o, but NOT 84s. Which is kinda weird, because on my Nash card it says push under 9.6BB for Q6o and push under 10.1BB for 84s.

Hero edge set on 0%, no clue why it keeps resetting to 3% though.