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how to play in plo sng when I just have 10 bb?

    • davidgod
      Joined: 20.12.2008 Posts: 1,675
      hi I just try to play omaha , but i like sng. i wonder how to play omaha when i just have 10 big blind. i think it is push or fold period

      but how to evaluate your hand strength preflop what is the strategy? is there any easy way calculate the hand strength preflop. and is there any software or website i can check the push equility?

      i am quite familiar with holdem prefolp play but have no idea in omaha. ty very much.
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    • the_typhoon
      Joined: 02.03.2005 Posts: 1,418
      I'm also interested how to play SNGs/Mtts with less than 15 BB ;) . The problem is: It's PL and you can't shove Preflop like in NL.
    • Waiboy
      Joined: 18.09.2008 Posts: 4,877
      Hey guys. I would guess the following line of thought has some merit.

      The more your SPR tends to 1:1, the more raw equity matters and the less playability is relevant.

      In essence, the value of big pairs and broadway rundown hands increase in value, and mid range rundown type hands reduce in value. Ofc, position matters less in these situations too because you'll be shoving or folding on the flop. With low SPRs you'll have way more reasons to shove the flop.

      As a caveat, I have no idea how ICM impacts on these decisions.