Who am I, a donk or a pro?

    • kiromanAAKK
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      Hi Friends, today after days of tears and sweat, I have archived my 45000 hands of BSS with a profit of over $100 and $91 of rake generate (12.31 bb/100).

      VPIP 17.6, PFR 11.4%, 3Bet 4.1%, sq% 3.9%, WTSD 29.0%, W$SD 49.6%, Flop C-Bet 74%, scc Flop C-Bet 47.1%

      [img][IMG]https://img807.imageshack.us/img807/7816/grp1.png[/IMG] Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/img]

      What I would like know (as I feel I have played too happy to mass) if Im a marginal winner (and so go to work asshole :D ) or its a good win/rate al NL2.

      In two word, who am I, a donk or a pro?
      Thanks for your imput (hope positive otherwise you will be damd for the eternity :D )


      P.S. Don't be nusty or you will be dammed for the eternity to be burned down to the hell! :D
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    • bennisboy
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      can't really help with the win rate, but you are losing a hell of a lot at non-showdown. Could try entering with less marginal hands?

      Although I have no idea of your style of play, it is just one thing that stands out to me and i could be dead wrong
    • gadget51
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      non showdown is usually horrendous at nlx micro, don't even bother about it.
    • tryhardnoob
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      on uNL the nonshowdown is always negative for a winning player cause everyone is bluffing like retards and can't fold.

      to thread creater: you have a very good winrate. Everything onver 5bb/100 is awesome.
    • kiromanAAKK
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      Thx guys, what about the diff between VPIP and PFR (due the limp/call with low PP and Speculative hands) as at uNL it is pointless to raise with speculative hands due the fact that usually it is rare they raise you due their passion for the call.

      Also, what about the Flop C-bet, accord to some references seem to be to high, but it seem to have same success, what do you think?

      Thanks again for your opinion (always well appreciated) :)
    • kevvu
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      I think gap between VPIP and PFR is a bit big, but everybody has his own style and all limits plays out different. I think seeing as many flops cheaply cant be bad on that low limit, cause u wont have much foldequity postflop. About Cb, i think it is in the higher end, but nothing is lot, while u still winning with it. But try to take it a bit down. Before making c-bet, think about fold equity and what BD or straight odds u have.
    • shehanshah
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      So donk or a pro??? :D
    • brobz
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      kiro is the strategy you implement in micros strictly what you learned from this site?
    • i5bet72o
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      donk cuz u r playing nl2 ;)
    • dallievas
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      You are micros pro.
      what about the diff between VPIP and PFR

      Don't worry about that cos on this limit u have too much good odds to overlimp or call with speculative hands,but in this case I would choose those which can hit nut draws.I would not worry about nonSD winnings cos FE is very low on this limit.
    • roopopper
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      hey kiroman glad to see all those coaching sessions you have been attending are paying off!!

      your a pro at nl2

      just my opinion!! :P