[Application] 16 BI for Midnight Madness (4 sessions) (SOLD OUT TY)

    • stevegold87
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      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

      Feedback thread : Feedback for stevegold87

      Hi everyone, I am stevegold87, member of this wonderful english community for around 2 years now (See avatar for proof).

      :heart: Here's my blog if you wish to know more about me : Poker as a hobby -- Stevegold87's blog :heart:

      I am mainly a SNGs player but I had my share of MTTs win both offline and real life. Here's some stats for people interested :

      OPR : http://www.officialpokerrankings.com/fulltiltpoker/stevegold87/poker/results/5DA14556B5744B3986ED8D8F24565B8B.html?t=2

      PPL (Not really accurate anymore, lots of tournament didn't upload but you can see some of my big cashes)

      You can also stats my sharkscope and see I am good winner in SNGs and tournaments.

      Today I am looking for 16 BI for Midnight Madness (12 AM EST TIME)

      16 x 11$ = 176$

      I will buy in 4 entries for 4 sessions for a total of 16 entries in the midnight madness

      Each share has a deal of 30/70 in favor of backer with stakeback.

      :club: WHY SHOULD YOU STAKE ME? :club:

      • I actually believe I have a good edge on this soft field
      • Europeans are sleeping, field is small and usually 1/6 - 1/7 chances to make it to the money (Positive post black friday thing)
      • I am trusted member of this community and have been staked before

      I will be selling 4 $ shares
      Therefore 44 shares will be available.
      I will be buying 10 shares myself.

      :club: Why do I ask for stake? :club:

      I withdraw part of my BR monthly now with SNGs and I have the BR to play the 12$ SNGs but not really the 11$ MTTs (Unless I use a 50 BI rule, which I think for MTTs you need around 100 BIs)

      ANd MTTs ARe funnnnn!

      Contact me through community first and we will confirm on skype.
      Your name will be added on the backers lists once I get the money but the shares will be reserved for you.

      I will start the 4 sessions once the package will be sold. I give myself 2 weeks for 4 sessions. Will update after each session with results. I will send money right away when everything is done.

      :spade: Shares left : 0 :spade: SOLD OUT

      Shares reserved :
      Stevegold87 (10 shares)
      bradomurder (Reserved 34 shares) Money received!!
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    • bradomurder
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      I'll take the rest. Added you
    • stevegold87
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      Originally posted by bradomurder
      I'll take the rest. Added you
      Well good sir the shares have been reserved for you :) TY
      I will leave you at least 24 hours to contact me and stuff !
    • stevegold87
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      Results of the first session :

      94/740 = 16.80$ (AJs vs TT ai pre)

      Results of the 2nd session :
      33/737 = 36$ (AK vs QQ prE)
      68 / 737 = 19.20$

      Total : 36+19.20$ = 55.20$

      other entries : 360/737 and 374/373

      Results of the 3rd session, ran horrible.

      My biggest stack got cracked AI pre AA<QKs he hits a straight
      then I was pretty much doomed...

      After that 44>66>AQo... Busted 171/711

      Basically lost most of my flips
      One guy hits a FD on the river for one of death : QKs I hit king vs this fish on turn I shove because of the draw and he calls, spade comes he wins.

      That's one entry 343/711

      Other one was 99 < AK vs 343/711

      Then lost a big flip 55 vs AJ blinds getting too high 228/711

      Result of the 4th session

      359th, 370th, 373th.

      113 : 15.20$

      44 ran into QQ. Did a resteal vs loose guy sb vs BTN. very unlucky. Also lost a huge flip earlier in the tournament for TOP 10.
    • stevegold87
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      Total $ = 87.2 $

      Sorry I wasn't able to make it deep enough time to make it profitable.
      Sick variance.
      Specially the 3rd day that was shit.

      Will send money now.