my first tourment i ever won was actualy one of the first tournements i playd with 500 players limit texas holdem
i won the tournement was a 1 dollar tournement

after that it took a while to win big tournements
became third place in the daily dollar 9000 players with a friends acc
most of my wins came after that playing lots of sits and go
usualy between 5 and 36 dollar 9 players
won alot of 180 sg
playd lots of deferent games when 1 thing would not work for me.
i would switch quickly to another game
lately i have been playing lots of 1 dollar rush those payd off nicely won a few in a week time after that i changed to other things again becouse of the time frame i wanna win in a short time becouse im very buzzy usualy
my strategie payd off and i started to cash out small ammounts at the time
leaving me each time with less then 30 dollar to start with and buidling up
above the 100 dollar. and again and again.. last time i won was on 20 of april a small trny 24 dollar sit and go became second place with 45 players. beat a pro got a bonus back but when i tried to cash out on the 20 of april it all went wrong
been waiting ever since for my money and i didnt play any money gamea at all anymore besides the free rols