Elephant shows only pairs

    • Vepof
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      No matter how many times i press "Clean Filter" , the "Hands" lab shows only pairs.
      It still shows all the pages, but only pair appears, the other hand's pages are empty.

      Things i did:

      - Put on all filters and then click on "Clean all filters"
      - Select 100% hands on the hand filter.
      - Even if i filter for a hand like AK it doesn't work. SHOWS ONLY PAIRS!

      What the f?
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    • mrk1988
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      Hey Vepof,

      I guess pressing "Delete" in the lower right hand corner is not working for you either?

      In case it is not helping at all - I'll ask my colleagues about the source of this problem.
    • cpers
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      Base on my experience I never succeed filtering a hand using the card filter function.
      So maybe you click the starting hand sorting category by accident.
      Try to sort it using Time it might solves the problem.
    • Vepof
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      Well, nothing worked.

      I'm probably reinstaling it.

      Thx anyway.