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    • vuckom1
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      Hello, I have 3 questions:

      How do you play against min 3-bets? When do you think is it good time to call min 3-bets and when not? I've been calling every time and I think I am losing some money by doing this. I was thinking it's ok in steal/resteal situations but otherwise it's too difficult to play oop without init.

      My second question is how do you play OESD/FD oop on turn? I've been c/c up to 1/2 pot size bet but c/f otherwise. And also do you second barrel IP or check behind? I know you don't play the same way every time but what do you do in general against unknown players.

      My last question is do you think it is profitable to 4bet once we make OR in MP witk AK?
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    • BadeaCelRau
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      If it's really a min 3bet, for example you raise to 3BB and he minraises you to 5BB, then you can probably call any hand in the chart from that position, maybe except the 77-99 pairs because it's hard to have a good hand postflop.

      I don't think it's profitable to play OESD/FD on the turn. I do it and lose a lot of money but it doesn't make any sense because those calling stations don't allow me to stack them off, they just call the river bet when I hit so I'm losing a lot of value and don't cover the times when I pay half pot, for example, and don't hit. Unless you're given the right odds 4:1, I don't think it's worth it.

      For the right answer you have to know what is their range for 3betting and compute how well AK does against that range.