Hi. I'm having hard time grasping this in terms of actually applying it in real time.

I complete understand how this works in theory. If someone is TAG and very tight and the flop comes 8 4 2 it's unlikely they've made a pair. But if someone is loose I mean, doesn't it mean they're more likely to have hit any card combo? I mean, it's hard to eliminate cards. So if they're loose preflop and aggressive after the flop it seems to me very very hard to put them on a hand. I'd assume I'm ahead with KJ preflop but if I miss the flop I'm at sea.

Don't get how this relates to equity... I know I'm likely ahead but the more aggressive they are after the flop the more it seems I end up wasting money on maniac players.

Plus...how do you figure all this in real time with the clock winding down.

Seems to me the only way you know you're ahead EV wise is preflop...or if you hit big on the flop.