Recording Coachings

    • padrezulmiro
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      Hello everyone,

      so i really like to see coachings but i'm usually busy at the time the coachings broadcast so i cant listen to them

      so the 2nd best choice i guess is to record the audio and, if the coach uses mikogo... i know i can record the video...either way...does anyone uses a mechanism to record the coachings

      if so i'd like to know whats your mechanism

      ty ;)
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    • SvenBe
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      he padrezulmiro,

      we still think that the best way to 'use' our coaching sessions is to follow it live, think about the play and ask your questions about the hands&topics.
      However we stepped down from the idea not to record coachings at all. We have already recorded a few coachings and the idea for recording the sessions will be mainly used for special coachings. Just search for "Podcast" in our video section and you will find them.