Can someone please help me out of NL2?

    • cosmos989
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      I put my own $50 USD into my pokerstars account; I played a little too loose and went down to $40 USD, For the last week i've been hovering in between $35-$48.

      I'm 3 tabling NL2 - 6 Man.

      I found that if I play the tight aggressive - everyone folds when I finally play a hand so I usually get nothing with my hands.

      Sometimes when I play super aggressive - maniac - I make a good profit over the day, but today I played the same stance and lost lots.

      I just am a little down in confidence again; a little encouragement and advice would help.

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    • kennyclr
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      The best way to play NL2 is TAG poker, which u might induce a little bluff once a while. If you found yourself in a table full with TAG players, you might want to consider changing tables. I always does that, and if you don't feel so, playing good and not to make mistake and taking advantage of other TAG/reg who accidently made mistake is your way to make profit. Especially 6max where players seems to be raising too much oop in NL2. It's not hard as long you get it. But when the unlucky day arrives it can be devastating.
    • ragney
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      NL2 was probably the hardest limit to break for me. Some advice:
      force yourself to play tight, add more tables if your bored
      don't bluff, most ppl won't fold there
      focus only on valuebets
      try avoiding playing oop
    • kiromanAAKK
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      add more tables to play straight TAG may be a solution
      agree :)
    • blackops888
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      Not bluffing always seemed the toughest part for me. I was stuck for a long while in micros until I realized all I had to do was actually lose LESS on my weak hands and tilting sprees... when that stopped my winnings just skyrocketed.
    • hansbans
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      Got to agree with the others. Add more tables so you don't get bored and play for value. I just started playing poker again and I've never battled the micros before (Did short stack strategy and started at NL50 and played NL200 until i got busto at NL400:) , so I had a terrible time adjusting to this limit. But the answer for me was to just go 10-tabling and robot-style.

      Find a suitable pace for your game, 21/19 ca., supertight in early spots and lose it up in CO/BTN. Quit the hand whenever a cbet is called (unless you improve offc). And having some 3bet bluffs to induce the fishes into making bad play also.
    • luizsilveira
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      If you are having difficulties playing 6max tables, try full ring (9max for a while). You can profitably play much tighter on them, and 6max is much harder and more advanced to play. Yes, it is boring, but maybe if a bit of practice you can add one more table and play 4 of them, then you won't feel so bad folding a lot preflop.

      That is one possibility; on the other hand, Harrinton says one should always learn on 6max; as it is tougher, 9max games will feel quite soft in comparison afterwards. So it depends on what you want for your learning curve vs. tuition (money you actually lose until you learn the game).
    • hansbans
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      Further advice is to read all the bronze articles, watch some videos. Pay attention to your game, don't let yourself go into maniac-style. Patience is allways key in poker, boredom and impatience is huge -ev. If you are bored, quit the session and start over again after a break.
    • roopopper
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      +1 to all the advice given here!!

      stay tight preflop and get the money in with monster hands on the flop! :P
    • NoOneSpcl
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      2 things:

      1) You did not specify what you call "TAG" style... That is, the name is universal, but... what range of hands do you play that you call TAG in 6max NL2?
      You may be playing way too tight even for a TAG, or forgetting that "tight" in 6 max is still quite a bit looser than "tight" in full ring games.

      Also, the points at which you choose your aggression are important. Other than Cbets (and even these, not against some opponents, stations or maniacs, for example), you should ONLY bluff if what you're representing is VERY clear on

      the board... most sophisticated bluffs will just not work in this limit.

      2) Table selection. Table selection, and more table selection. If you don't learn how to select profitable tables, you'll have a much harder time.

      Everything else that was given here in this thread is excellent advice, actually.
    • gadget51
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      Try not to...
      be calling
      be playing out of position
      call 3bets out of position
      call 3bets generally
      make loose 3bets any position
      bluff 3bet/4bet
      be passive

      Try not to be impatient. This is the learning ground where you hone your skills.
      As suggested, if you're finding it tough move to full ring for a bit. Learn to read the players there, the game is tighter and it will give you good practice while you wait for a good starting hand. If you are still finding it hard, don't add more tables until you feel comfortable.