VPIP stats

    • Alieaz
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      Now that I've got myself a HUD I've noticed my winrate improve quite a bit. I've also noticed holes in my game which I needed to plug.

      One of the best things about a HUD is knowing who you can profitably c-bet, and who you should never c-bet without a hand. Sometimes though I find the stats mean I can profitably value bet Ace high because my opponents will call down to the river and fold when they (frequently) miss their draws.

      My overall stats for NL are 13/9 and for FL 22/10. I find the FL tables pretty juicy for suited connectors. small suited aces and small pairs as so many people see flops and you almost always win a large pot with a straight, set or flush. In NL it seems people play a lot more scared. These are people I put on the left of me so I can steal their blinds! :) hehe

      So any thoughts on HUD and VPIP?
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    • Wurble
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      I've no idea about FL but your NL VPIP\PFR looks ok. Another good stat is aggression factor - Less than one and they bet postflop they have something pretty much always. Aggression factor of like 8 with 40 vpip or something and you can call down very light post flop, especially if WTSD is high.