Cashing out from Mansion

    • h8core
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      I've only been utilizing the PS free $50 for 2 days now but already won $233 from a tournament last night and would like to cash out some of them as I'll be grinding out the bonus at the lowest limits (they simply require much less concentration and a robotic game, allowing me to 8 table and multi-task and still manage to make at least 20 mansion points a day).

      The question is, how does cashing out work keeping in mind the fact I'm yet to deposit anything to Mansion. Will I need to deposit with the option I'm planning to use to cash out? IS there any way to simply register it and wait until I can take advantage of the full $500 deposit bonus? Will my PS bonus be dropped should I cash out? And last but not least, as far as I remember, I have 120 days to retain the original $50 PS bonus, but am not quite sure how many days I have to grind out the $100 additional bonus?

      Thanks in advance for your help.
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