What is the normal SNG rake?

    • BadeaCelRau
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      I've always been a loser at micro sngs, even though I'm a winner at micro cash ga,es and I'm wondering how much is my fault and how much I can blame it on the room. I put some effort to improve my tournament game, played a few hundreds to limit the variance but still no improvement.

      The problem is that the only place I played is Party (and another room not associated with pokerstrategy but I didn't play more than 50 there so it doesn't change much) and the rake is huge. The blind structure is also horrible, players start with 50bb so it gets to push/fold mode really fast.

      Can you please tell me what is the normal rake for SNG, 6max, 10max and HUSNG at micros on PS and fulltilt?
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    • ghaleon
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      Just checked from pokerstars client and rake seem to be less than 10% even in micro games. In fulltilt mostly 10% or bit more.
    • ro1chwvd
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      Fulltilt has 20% at the 1$ sngs.
    • pzhon
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      When I last checked, PokerStars raked over 10% for the $1 SNGs. You might accidentally look at the Fifty50 tournaments which have lower rakes, but these are not comparable.

      Originally, most sites had a 10% rake, e.g., $5+$0.50 or $20+$2, and no tournaments below the $5 level, and no turbo SNGs. (Party Poker was exceptional in that it had $5+$1 SNGs.) In higher stakes tournaments, the rake was slightly reduced, e.g., $200+$15. When lower stakes tournaments were introduced, these came with slightly higher rakes than 10%. When turbo SNGs were introduced, these came with slightly lower rakes.