[NL2-NL10] Two hands which cant really be viewed seperately

    • Prabhatallin
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      Ok I posted this as hilarious...in the discussion forum but I wonder what the evaluator makes of this.

      I buy into a NL10 with 2 dollars.

      Hand one I have a J and a 4. I raise to 0.3, a tiny raise. 4 players call. Flop hits 4 10 A. I go all in representing the ace. No one calls. I display my hand.
      Villian: Fish. Me: Bluff worked.

      Hand Two: Immediately next hand. I get 9 and 10 clubs. call at 10c everyone calls. Flop K,10,9. I go all-in instantly. Villian calls with K6 one more player calls with KJ. My two pair holds up. Villian: nice hand fish.
      I cash out my 7.89 dollars and leave.

      Can anyone analyze the chances of getting away with stuff like this versus the potential benefits of this kind of play.
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    • xylere
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      evaluator thinks that this is quite insane))

      you don`t have any immplied odds to make this kind of play and J4 hand is something maniacal :)

      There is just no reason to do it with a short stack (nor with a big stack actually). Wait for a strong hand and play it.

      I strongly suggest you reread all the articles first.

      And chances of something like this happening again are extremly low.
    • Utahmar
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      You can not represent anything on NL10, if anyone has Ax they call ( very likely with 4 caller ).

      Like 1:23 to hit 2 pairs in the flop.

      Around 1:3 to hit str8 draw with those cards, and 1:8 to get flush draw.

      Last 2 cases you play out of position, with shortstack.

      Like Xylere said you got lucky. You won those times, and will lose many more.