Useful Stats to Display?

    • llamacaptain
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      Have started using HEM over the past few weeks for SNGs but just wondering if there are any stats that are recommended to track? I have VPIP/PFR/3bet as the displayed ones currently, but are there any others that I should be paying attention to for SNGs?

      Also, just as an aside, what are hero stats? Been trying to find out what they are but no description anywhere... x_x
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    • bennisboy
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      Hero stats are your stats.

      I just stick to the default, shows pretty much everything you need, like attempted blind steal %, how people react to attempted steals, how often they fold to 3-bets, what their 4-bet range appears to be, how differently they play in different positions, do they c-bet a lot.

      I'd say stick to default until you get a better idea of what you do/don't need, but default provides a lot of info
    • Yoshimitsu77
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      I think a limp stat is pretty useful at low stakes games.
      Lots of dead money to be picked up from limp/folders.