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feedback johnscon74

I am going to play in the 36L tonight and wish to play in the 36M also, but for certain reasons am looking for staking in the (M) buy in)

50/50 split
Shares 10%= $21.50
Shares 5%=$10.75

Backers will get 50/50 of SCOOP #36L GRATUIT.
I will run sats as a cheaper means to hit the target tourn.
On qualifying through a sattelite stakees will be reimbursed $.
I am confident in being able to satelite in.
Your investment guarantees entry which I possibly couldnt justify otherwise.
I was 3rd in Pokerstars UK & IRE COOP $320 HORSE buy in.

Attached is screenshot of HORSE $215 buy in

I have a 19% ITM for mixed game tourns as per opr

Sorry its late.
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