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      i can see from the description that there only a couple of low limits to start with to help with bankroll managment. i havent received the 50$ yet but am i allowed to multi-table?
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    • Midazolam
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      Yes, you can. :)
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      You certainly can, although I don't like WH's "alert" system at all, I played a 8-9 table session yesterday and frequently timed out on tables because their client has a weak queuing system and no "hurry" alert at all (that I could find), so I had to start looking through all tables constantly and as soon as I focused too long on a table I would risk timing out on a few others.

      If I wasn't running Win7 and could hover my mouse on the taskbar icon to see realtime miniatures of the tables it would be a REAL pain.

      I haven't had any such problems on FTP...