Minimum Equity In A Range

    • RobClifton9
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      had been using the equilator, have now moved on to equilib. A couple of questions.

      1) I have seen the equilib linked with elepant, I was wandering how this was done.

      2) If I have a villians hand range for pre-flop, and then they raise, say the equity required is 20% for range. Therefore I calculate the hands with minimum equity 20% according to flop. However this now includes hands that weren't in the original range of villan pre flop. For example on pre flop lowest pair is 5, but with a 3 on flop 33 is considered to have above 20%, how do I remove this from the hand range, i.e only have hands that are both in the villians pre-flop range, and above 20% min equity after flop.

      Thanks very much this would greatly help analysis of post flop.
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    • HannesZ
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      Hi Rob,

      1) If you are in the hand overview then you will have the button Equilab on the bottom right. Just click on it and the data will be transmitted to the Equilab.

      2) You do the calculation on the flop and then you will have to manually remove the hands, which weren't in the preflop range. As far as I know there is no other way to get the hands.

      Best regards