New user question: No HUD for hero and HUD back to zero

    • patszerdonk
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      I am a new user and quite happy with Elephant (v 0.99). I think the graphic and the menu for evaluating session is very good.

      By the way, I have problem with HUD. I am playing at William Hill (Ipoker), cash games session. For unknown reason, Hero HUD do not displayed and for other players the HUD reset to 0 (restart automatically?) after a couple of hands (sometimes after 50 hands or sometimes after 10 hands only).

      I just installed it today ( my first real money session ever :D ) and have no problem during installation.

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    • mrk1988
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      Hey patszerdonk,

      there should be no HUD for yourself on the table. This is intentional.

      You own stats are located in the black window at the top of the table on page 2.

      If you experience a HUD reset during play, take a look if someone joined / left your table when that happens. This usually means that the HUD is adjusting itself to a different filter (different amount of players).