I have bought Hold'em Manager from PokerStrategy.com shop on the Friday. I made a payment through moneybookers. Cash has been transfered from the account, but I have no reply about my licence. I am worried because I have read that this transaction should be completed on the next working day. (Saturday, I guess) But I have nothing now. So, according to this problem, I have few questions.

1. On my shopping card, I saw that I have opened 2 the same requests. Will it be any problem if I only want to buy it one time?
2. On this requests, I saw that status is 'awaiting for payment'. Is this e-mail, ending with
'.de' is not name of account on moneybookers? I thought that it is and payments are made automatically.
3. Is it possible to change language of incoming e-mails to English cuz I really cannot understand any information which was sentenced in mails which I got after realisation of request.

I hope it is correct section of forum and my post is understandably.

ok, already fixed, please close the thread