[Application] Sunday MTT big events at CAKE

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      Hi, this is my first time selling action, just thought i could try it...

      I ve focused last few weeks on MTTs and had some really good results... I played at Cake and won some nice money... Also i tried few mtts at stars and fulltilt with few final tables... (2 final tables, 2k+ players)

      121 MTT - 91%ROI - profit 1200$+ You can check at sharkscope

      Here is my profile at pocketfives


      Shortly I have a great run in last few weeks, and would really try to play 2 biggest tournaments at cake

      - 15000$G 100+9 (21:00)
      - 25000$G 150+12 (23:00)

      I am looking for at least 50% to sell to play

      I am offering 1.107 markup

      (109+162)*1.107 = 300$
      1% = 3$
      5% = 15$
      10% = 30$

      reserving is allowed but all $ has to be paid before session start

      This is my first time looking for stake so I just wanna get good feedback for future staking...

      FTILT acc - Bojan-FF
      PSTARS acc - Bojan1983
      also possible transaction through MB
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