[Application] [closed]selling 25% equity in 200k gtd $200 FO on ongame [ playing it NOW]

    • conall88
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      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

      as topic, I'm selling 25% ( thats $50) equity in this tourney. Tournament is currently in progress and is a deepstack (5k starting stack) /w 20min blinds.

      current stack is 7.1k 49mins in.

      I believe I have a big edge here with plenty of fish from the satellite tournaments that have been running all week.

      to see my previous tournament results, check out KillaJukeBox / IPN/ Scheduled on Sharkscope.

      came 2nd in 12.5k gtd rebuy on IPN last week :) .

      structure: 180 paid

      big money = top 10

      1st: 37.6k
      2nd 25.7k
      3rd 18.6k
      4th 13.7k
      5th 10.1k
      6th 7.5k
      7th 6k
      8th 4.7k
      9th 3.6k
      10th 2.9k

      if I come in any position other than 1st-3rd you get 25% of the winnings. If I come 1st/3rd you get 20%. I think this is fair especially considering how much is involved.

      Upon finishing the tournament I will place a screenshot of results in this thread if a staking agreement is reached. stakers are also welcome to rail me on skype while im playing.
      will also be posted in feedback.
      feedback for conall88

      I intend to close this deal at 7:30pm GMT as tourney is in progress
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