No rule for posting screen names in staking forum?

    • Irooz
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      Why isn't there a mandatory rule stating that users requesting a stake must post there screen names?

      I see some users posting a good looking graph or 'PM for username'

      1) It allows scammers to take advantage of stakers that are new to the world of staking, gullible stakers, slow thinkers, etc, that will blindly accept any username aslong as they've posted a nice looking graph.

      2) A lot of stakers on other websites are constantly trying to track down players that have scammed them and prevent them from doing it again to somebody else, allowing users the freedom of not posting there username prevents these stakers from preventing this.

      3) It's a hassle for stakers or bored detectives to have to ask for a username, you can't do a quick checkup.

      I can think of other reasons, but I can't think of any reasons why it isn't a mandatory rule so I wonder.
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    • purplefizz
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      thanks for the suggestions Irooz.
      actually we are taking a look into the staking forum and trying to find out ways in which it can be improved. i will forward your concerns.

      if you think of any more suggestions, please dont hesitate to add them. we love to listen to our members and try to take all points into consideration. :)