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Community Battle: English vs Polish

    • IngridN
      Joined: 02.03.2011 Posts: 12,162
      Hi Guys,

      Guess WHAT!

      Polish Community declared WAR! :D

      Over the past 2 weeks we have seen an emergence of “rail request threads” I am posting this “owning request” thread for every single person who is a member of the best forum in the world.

      To me that’s exactly what we are - the best forum and more importantly the best community in the world. I’ve only been here 3 months but feel completely at home and it’s all because of you guys! :f_love:

      Important info

      Rules: The Community who will gather the most money will be the winning team!

      When? Sunday the 29th of May at 20:00 GMT
      What? No Limit Hold'em
      How much? $1.10
      Where? PokerStars
      Tournament name: PL meets EN
      Tournament ID: #395417834
      Password: royalwedding
      Prizes: Pride, glory, bragging rights and slices of the prize pool!

      As far as I know we are undefeated, last time out we thrashed the Portuguese Community but this time I expect a tougher challenge. The Polish team are forever bragging about their equally impressive record (9-1) and I think it’s about time we showed them who is number 1.

      Don't just perch on the rail and cheer for your team, run out onto the felt wearing your community's colours with pride and stand side-by-side with your community members. Every entrant counts towards our chances and if we win it’s going to be so so sweet :D

      Play for a slice of the prize pool and the chance to lift the title of "English Community Champion" with pride.

      And of course don’t forget to visit the Polish Community battle thread and post some encouragement on behalf of all of us :s_evil:

      Good luck – Powodzenia!
      I’m a shark – Jestem rekinem
      You are all fish – Jesteście fiszami
      You’re going to lose! – Przegracie!
      We are going to destroy you! – Zniszczymy was!
      Let the best community win! – Niech wygra lepsza społeczność!
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