saying hi and thanks

    • karl43
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      :f_cool: Hi to all you people and poker stategy

      Have been on here for a while and my poker play is starting to get better,
      i have become much more patience poker player and are slowly starting to be a winning one to.

      Have been watching a tons of videoes and read a lot .
      I know everybody says you have to beat micro stakes to get better

      Now i moved up a little in stakes not high i think i play up to 0,25 in big blinds now and this has helped me a lot , i dont say this will work for every body but it did for me .
      I think it is working because when i sit at a table whit 2 or 5 dollars i dont concentrate i know i should ,but sitting at a table whit 25 makes me play my A game .
      And another thing that help me a lot is taking the time to see back at my sessions ,i go in and look at the hands i lost and calculate the odds on them and if i am in whit the best hand and lose to a lucky river its sad but i can accept it ,because i know if i keep doing it i will win most of the times.

      hope this make just a little bit of sence
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    • vonki
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      hey there karl43!

      Sounds like you've really come a far way with realizing what is important! It took me forever to get this all figured out and from there it just keeps on going ;)

      GL with everything and why not start a blog in the blogsection? That way you can keep us up to date on your progress and perhaps help a fellow player or two :)

    • pleno1
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      Hey Karl43,

      I think your post is actually quite interesting. I mean for sure playing above your bankroll is a bad idea, but if you're comfortable depositing again then it isn't too big a deal.

      If you have 15-20 buy ins for a cash game and feel like you have a big edge on your opponents and you're reallyt enjoying the game from a social side then I think it's absolutely fine.

      I definitely wouldn't reccomend it for one of our new players who have just received their free $50 as they really should try to learn as much as possible in the first few months and the only thing they would learn from playing with a 2bi bankroll is that it hurts to go broke.

      Let us know how you get on and if you do a blog featuring lots of aggresive SENSIBLE bankroll management then I'd follow for sure :)