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nice support: $5 and a cyberhug

    • wallace07
      Joined: 09.03.2007 Posts: 572
      Just happened a few moments ago

      [michael] when do I reach premium level? How many more points do I need?
      [Shelly - Support] hello
      [michael] hi shelly
      [Shelly - Support] May I have your username please ?
      [Shelly - Support] good morning michael :)
      [michael] how are you?
      [michael] my username is xxx
      [Shelly - Support] good thanks :) nice and sunny here today !!
      [Shelly - Support] just a moment please let me check your account
      [michael] allright, thx
      [michael] In the past, I saw the required points for next level in "my account/FPP", but since I'm steel member, this information (for premium level) is missing
      [Shelly - Support] ok so for premium its 45,000
      [Shelly - Support] and since the 1st of Jan you earned 31,367 FPPs
      [Shelly - Support] so you need 14,000 Fpps for Premium
      [michael] ok cool thanks
      [Shelly - Support] no probs..
      [Shelly - Support] anthing else I can assist you with ?
      [michael] Yes, just want to shortly ask why i can't see this at my account any more
      [michael] is this a bug?
      [Shelly - Support] could you send us a screenshot of this ?
      [Shelly - Support] We think this might be happening on the French version only
      [Shelly - Support] But I don't think you are using the French version...
      [michael] hmm i've got the english version running
      [Shelly - Support] am I right ?
      [michael] yes
      [michael] Your current Frequent Player Points balance: FPP 85,009.49
      You currently have 0 bonus dollars.
      Your current VIP level is:

      You need to accumulate Frequent Player Points until in order to retain your VIP level.
      You need to accumulate Frequent Player Points before in order to be upgraded to Premium Card
      [michael] thats all i can see
      [Shelly - Support] we will need a screenshot in order to forward it to our technical dept..
      [michael] ah thats funny¨
      [michael] I didn't see the last two sentences, but marked and copied it
      [Shelly - Support] so its there ?
      [michael] so it's just a problem at the design, maybe same color
      [Shelly - Support] wow that's funnily really good help for us :)
      [michael] yes it's there, but can't see it. (and my eyes are ok ;) )
      [Shelly - Support] you have just discovered the problem for us :D
      [Shelly - Support] hahahahahaha
      [michael] nice
      [michael] do i get a bonus for that?
      [michael] I'm webdesigner and have a horrific hourly rate ;)
      [Shelly - Support] hehehehe
      [Shelly - Support] just a moment please
      [Shelly - Support] this is sooo funny
      [michael] sometimes things are simplier than expected :)
      [Shelly - Support] as a token of our appreciation you will get $5 and a cyber hug from my manageress :P
      [Shelly - Support] how about that ?
      [michael] that's fine, thanks
      [michael] whenever you have problems again, just chat me
      [michael] :)
      [michael] thank you for the cyber hug, was my first cyber hug ever. felt good :)
      [Shelly - Support] hehehehehe
      [Shelly - Support] thought it crushed you :P
      [Shelly - Support] thank you once again, I have credit your account with $5 :)
      [michael] received it. cheers
      [Shelly - Support] just sending an email to our tech guys... thank you once again and if theres anything else we can assist you with please let us know :)
      [michael] $5 and a cyber hug in 5min is a good hourly rate, if you have any vacancies, please let me know ;)
      [michael] cya and have a nice day
      [Shelly - Support] ok :) bye bye
      [Shelly - Support] thanks and you too !!
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