Hey everyone or anyone reading this blog lol ... My first ever blog so see what it's about!

Just starting to read alot more online and trying to learn as much as possible about the game and love recieving any feedback good or bad towards my game (Love the good feedback) lol.

I played on tilt for a few years (Evandurrrdwan) more with cash games than mtt's with some success but alot of big ups and big downs that were very very tough to handle especially when rush poker busted on the scene ... talk about tilt loll.

After I took a month or so break after all my crazy swings with rush poker I decided to make a small deposit on Stars that ended up turning into a great little cash. Playing under the screen name durrrd, I went on quite the little heater finishing 2nd in a $27 mtt with about 200 players or so (very late at night or early morning .. my fav time to play). I continued to log alot of hours the next day with sNg and more mtt's. I placed 3rd that night in a 30k gurantee for about 3100.. going out very very sick on a kq9 board holding kq vs a9 you know the rest. This was also early in the morning so was not happy heading to bed at 8 am like that especially after they all wanted deal lol frigg still don't like thinking back on that one lol. The next day after a couple hours of sleep basically running on 10 hours in 3 nights loll i woke up and joined the exact same 30k.. literally woke up and joined it still in my boxers aaha. I went on to take that down was very happy with with the cash of 5100 if I recall right. Them being my biggest cashes I can recall.

So it was quite the series of events after taking a month of from poker, made me remember why I'm so in love with the game. I continued to grind for about a month before cashing out for about 6k from a 50 dollar deposit which is pretty sick for any investment.

I then went to halifax to take a little vacation and be able to play poker at any time in the day (live cash game) can't do that where I'm from lolll. I was having good success and making a bit of money playing 1-2 and quite a bit of 2-5 but was hard to build my roll considering how much I was spending to be there.

By the time I was coming home I was quite the disaster with gambling lol and most definetly ready to be home for a little bit and see some friends.. can be lonely on the road loll. I was playing blackjack and any other house games available also not to mention my awful sports for the last 3 months (losing atleast a few bucks everyday loll) So after those string of events of gambling I was returning home not happy with myself in the least bit, being down atleast $3500 in blackjack and holdemBonus(casino house game).

After all this I was ready to get back into the grind mode and realized I wasn't living the high life anymore and indeed needed to do some grinding to get some cashflow otg!

About halfway through April I started being backed on a MergeGaming site ... PDC Poker. Starting with a bankroll of $300 I started grinding sNg trying to build that roll to be able to play expensive mtt's. I built the roll up to about 7-8 hundred before I really started playing alot of mtt's again. I started to see some success and how weak the fields are on this small site and started to see the Bankroll grown pretty rapidly. The month of April and some of May was most definetly the best I have every played in tourneys and by far as confident as I could be going into any tournament. I am up about 13k in the past month or so. My screen name on PDC Poker is BIGHICK. He is a friend of mine who passed away almost 2 years now Soo I lovee getting his name to final tables, not to mention he looks quite intimidating as a Display Picture! Being the huge black guy he was loll ( If ya see me on PDC You will see the scary picture of him loll) R.I.P. Hickkey!

Right now I am not playing too much poker because of the fact I just started a new job at the Golf course but would love to be playing 16 hours a day still lol but I will still be play as much as possible So hope to see ya at the tables! good luck all.

Feel free to give any of my screen names a search on Sharkscope.com or officialpokerrankings.com.

I hope to hear some feedback on the blog so I can continuee to write a few more maybe!

Till then have a good one and grind er out! takee care