Heads-up SnG

    • MMM69
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      Hi, I decided to play HU SnG these days but I'm not doing very well as I'm not sure exactly how to play it well. (this is $1 SnG by the way)

      On the strategy videos in PokerStrategy, they tell you to be aggressive on the button with almost any two hands, but I always seem to play against calling stations who always hit something on the flop ><.

      I was wondering if you guys can link me some more sites where I can learn HU in more detail since the strategy section in this site doesn't cover it very much.

      Thanks in advance!
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    • makrelion
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      Search this forum section for SnGHU threads and I guarantee, that you will find a lot of useful information about this type of game.

      And btw, you might have heard this, but you SHOULD NOT play heads up if you are a beginner. These games require much deeper understanding of poker and a lot of experience to be played profitably.