[Application] $550 stake for SnG on PlayersOnly

    • fruktpuff
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      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.


      I am looking for a full stake at 100 BI for playing DoN $5+$0.40 and $5+$0.50 Bounty(50% on bounty, 50% pricepool, for 1- $12.50 2- $7.50 3- $5 payout + $2.50 per player knocked out) 10-handed SnGs on PlayerOnly.com. Up to the backer to decide whether or not they want me to mix or play only one form.

      I am willing to sell only parts of it per person, but I will be needing to achieve full stake or all but $50 to be able to proceed, fewer backers would be easier for everyone but I'm willing to discuss.

      My current personal situation is preventing me from being able to deposit personally at all at this point.(At best I could come up with $50, but that's not worth wasting a FDB on anyway.)
      Having to work full time, aswell as needing to spend some time with the wife means I can't put in insane volume, but I'm willing to play as much as I can, only playing when I can fully focus on the game, so hard to set an exact timeframe, but minimum play can be discussed.

      The stake would be for either 500 or 1000 games, depending on what a potential backer would want.

      Released FDB and RB would be included in the deal for payout on conclusion of play.
      Edit2: Not sure I managed to include it, but thinking 65/35 in favour of the backer with makeup.

      I can't provide much in way of data or graphs on past play, but I'm confident I can do well at this level.

      Some numbers included for how the FDB and RB will be worked out, as it's a fairly new site and I'm sure not everyone is up to date.

      The 35% rakeback deal means that VIP points are not awarded at 10 points / $1 raked, as is stated in the review for the site. and I have been confirmed as having my Rakeback set up by PlayersOnly.com already.

      $550 FDB * 75/$1 = 41250 VIP points required for full release.

      $0.40 fee * 6.5 VIP points = 2.6 points / DoN SNG
      $0.50 fee * 6.5 VIP points = 3 points / Bounty SNG

      500 * 2.6 = 1300, $17.33 released from FDB
      1000 * 2.6 = 2600, $34.66 released from FDB

      500 * 3 = 1500, $20 released from FDB
      1000 * 3 = 3000, $40 released from FDB

      $0.40 * 0.35 = 0.14 RB/DoN SNG
      $0.50 * 0.35 = 0.175 RB/Bounty SNG

      Edit: I'd prefer the transfer of funds to be on Moneybookers, to do my deposit through.
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    • chichospit
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      Hi, and sorry about my english, but I'm not sure if I understand..

      The site is http://www.PlayersOnly.com?
      You will Play DoN 5.40 and DoN 5.50 Bounty?
      You need 500$?
      What is FDB??
      Cut is 65/35, with makeup?? What makeup??

      About your data, did you already play DoNs?
      Nicks in pokersites, Sharkscope, OPR, TopShark,...

    • fruktpuff
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      The $5+$0.50 Bounty are only bounty, not DoN and Bounty, I'd like to mix those in because there's not huge traffic on Merge atm, even if it's slowly increasing.

      They're also useful in that if you even knock one player out then fail to get ITM(though the money's lower), you're still only out half a buy-in. In addition, winning gets you atleast a guaranteed bounty + the 1st price, which is shiny.

      FDB is the First Deposit Bonus, but as shown in the example of the opening post, that'll be hell to release with the reduced rate of gaining VIP points because of rakeback.

      Nick's Fruktpuff on PlayersOnly, not really much data there yet though.
    • martoman2k10
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      In theory, it sounds pretty easy - just stake the guy and he'll get you a nice return...

      But, I came across a thread on 2+2 saying that merge is really reg infested just now with all the american grinders moving over to there due to recent events.

      Obviously, best of luck to the stakee and the stakers - just something to look out for guys!
    • fruktpuff
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      PlayersOnly.com still allow their american accountholders to play, but don't accept new members from the US, though.