• LucidDementia
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      Do I sit out of my last open 6-max SNG to take my (outrageously hot) girl to work? I have a minor chip lead, 5 players remaining.

      Or do I finish the game and risk not getting any later? :s_confused:
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    • L3ST
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      Depends how much is "any" gonna cost later. If it costs under 2nd place payout, might be +EV to play.

      Seriously, you might end up winning 1st place and feeling bad cause someone is really pissed at you :) .
      So, sitout is life +EV.
    • blackops888
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      If the amount of money you could possibly make is less than enough to get a rooker with a comparable level to your girl (in physical terms only dude, no offense) in case you don't get "any" later, than it is +EV to go for your own girl.