Sorry, i dont know where to ask this question. After googling and researching for hours and hours i have not been able to solve my issues with lag. Lag really kills my mood. Im desperate!

The question i have is: If you had to pick, do you think a laptop lags because of internet speed/quality or because of the processor/ram? (i should add that i dont know much about computers)

I have an Acer travelmate 7520. With an "AMD Turion 64 x2 mobile techonlogy TL-60 2,00GHz" (i guess thats the processor) And 3,00 GB RAM.

I know this is not a super laptop, but hardwarewise, should it be lagging when playing 4 tables? (full tilt and pokerstars) I recently installed and played the old Battlefield 1943. And had no problems. Surely 4 tables of pokerstars should require less of my laptop than Battlefield? I had a e-mail discussion with full tilt support and at some point i sent them all my laptop info (a DirectX diagnostic report) and they told me they "dont see anything that shold cause lag".

I would really appreciate some comments because im planning on making an angry call tomorrow to my broadband distributor. And it would be akward if its not their fault...