[NL2-NL10] sh50 KK on worsening board against loose calling station

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      first hand on this table is saw villain raising, calling a 4x sized reraise on the flop holding low pair

      thbriquerouge is at seat 1 with $55.
      Doudouco is at seat 3 with $27.75.
      Floatin is at seat 4 with $49.25.
      grankio is at seat 5 with $84.20.

      The dealer is seat 3.

      Floatin posts a blind of $.25.
      grankio posts a blind of $.50.

      (Floatin is dealt K :club: K :diamond:)

      briquerouge calls for $.50.
      Doudouco raises $.50.
      Floatin raises $2.25.
      grankio folds.
      briquerouge folds.
      Doudouco calls for $2.25.

      The flop comes
      4 :diamond: 7 :spade: Q :spade:

      Floatin bets $5.
      Doudouco calls for $5.

      The turn comes 4 :heart:

      -hope he is not holding low pair this time, he could be calling any other pair or flushdraw here...

      Floatin bets $10.
      Doudouco calls for $10.

      The river comes Q :heart:

      well.... let's hope he was not calling top pair either :D but if he bets im not folding as he has only $10 left, there is a 1:3.6 ratio
      so i can bet out any way

      Floatin bets $10.
      Doudouco goes all-in for $9.50.
      $.50 is pushed back to Floatin.
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