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      Also in June 24hPoker has a lot of promotions to offer - here a short overview.

      • June €120,000 Nonstop Rake Races

        Rake Race I 31.5 -8.6.2011 (nine days long) €30,000
        Rake Race II 8. -15.6.2011 (eight days long) €30,000
        Rake Race III 15. -23.6.2011 (nine days long) €30,000
        Rake Race IV 23. -30.6.2011 (eight days long) €30,000

      • Freeroll Jackpot €54,000

        Two series of VIP point freerolls where skills really matter! In June 24hPoker has divided the Freeroll Jackpot promotion into two separate tournament series! The series consists of daily VIP point freerolls from which in each top 50 players get points towards the leaderboard. The chances for huge winnings are possible even for low limit players, the total prize pool in this exciting promotion is a stunning €54,000!

        Freeroll Jackpot I is played between 1st June – 15th June and the final takes place on 17th June at 20:00 CET.
        Freeroll Jackpot II is played between 16th June – 30th June and the final takes place on 3rd July at 20:00 CET.

      • Summer Freerolls €36,000

        You have great chances to start building your bankroll during June!
        Daily freerolls (19:15 CET) with €1,200 added are on the schedule during the whole month of June! 2,000 players get to participate and top 300 will be rewarded. The tournaments will be open for registration 1 hour before start.

      • Daily VIP Tournaments €36,000

        June VIP tournament special; two Daily VIP tournaments with €600 added in each. The buy-in is only 1 VIP point and the tournaments are held at 15:15 CET and 22.15 CET. The tournaments will be open for registration 1 hour before start, 2000 players can participate and prizes will be paid to the top 200.

      • Sit & Go Leaderboard €30,000

        The Sit n Go Learderboard prizepool has increased from the previous €20,000 to a phenomenal €30,000 in cash prizes!
        Each leaderboard is awarding the Top 20 players with prizes, giving more of you the opportunity to pocket some great cash prizes! Be part of this race simply by playing any of our Sit n Go tournaments (except DoN)!

      • Iron Man VIP satellites to EMOP Dublin €20,000

        EMOP Dublin 28 July – 31 July 2011
        24hPoker will arrange 10 VIP point freerolls starting on June 1st and ending on June 30th. There’s one package to EMOP Dublin worth €2,000 in each freeroll. Each package consists of a tournament buy-in (€1,100), accommodation in a nice hotel for four nights and €350 in travel contribution that is credited to the player’s poker account.
        The VIP point buy-in starts at VIP1 on June 1st and then the buy-in increases for each tournament. It starts out being very easy to qualify but becomes harder and harder quite quickly. Earn as many VIP points as you can and get up to eight tries to win a seat to the exciting EMOP Dublin live tournament.

      • Bad Bead Bonus €1,000– Texas Hold’em

        Are you having The Ultimate Bad Beat whilst playing Texas Hold’em in June? If the answer is yes, you might actually consider yourself being quite lucky! 24hPoker is going to reward the best losing hand in June with €1,000.

        You can send 24hPoker your Bad Beat hand history if the following criteria are fulfilled; The losing poker hand has to use both pocket cards. If four of a kind loses to a straight flush the losing hand has to include a pair as pocket cards, e.g. AAAA loses against a straight flush; the losing player has to have AA as pocket cards, AK etc. are not counted. The Bad Beat hand they are looking for is a very good hand that loses against another extremely good hand.

        All real money Texas Hold’em games are counted in the €1,000 June Bad Beat Bonus promotion. All you need to do is suffer from a Bad Beat and send the hand history with the handnumber to the 24hPoker support: customersupport@24hPoker.com. The winner’s username will be published on the promotion page on 1st July.

      • VIP Matrix Promotion

        From 1st to 30th June a Matrix will run where different prizes can be won. All earned VIP points counts towards the Matrix. The VIP points can be earned on preferred days.

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