[NL20-NL50] KQo nl50fr

    • franeczek
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      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $0.50(BB) Replayer
      BB ($83.73)
      UTG ($53.65)
      Hero ($59.10)
      UTG+2 ($10)
      MP1 ($51.50)
      MP2 ($48.55)
      MP3 ($55.40)
      CO ($45.75)

      CO posts (SB) $0.25

      Dealt to Hero Q:spade: K:diamond:

      fold, fold, Hero raises to $2, fold, fold, MP2 calls $2, fold, fold, fold

      FLOP ($4.75) Q:heart: 8:diamond: Q:club:

      Hero bets $3.50, MP2 raises to $7, Hero calls $3.50

      TURN ($18.75) Q:heart: 8:diamond: Q:club: 7:diamond:

      Hero checks, MP2 checks

      RIVER ($18.75) Q:heart: 8:diamond: Q:club: 7:diamond: 2:spade:

      Hero bets $6, MP2 raises to $39.55 (AI), Hero calls $33.55

      Villian is 22/8/27 after 2.9k hands AFQ 27%. Just cooler or bad play?? On flop I don't want to 3-bet his raise cause I want to keep his range wide. River standard?? I bet small cause after he checks behind I thought that he never has there Qx so his shove on river suprised me. I thought he might still push there worse Qx like QJ or even QT cause he is obviously a fish.
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    • veriz
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      Hello franeczek,

      What's his WTSD/W$SD? What about his AF on river?

      I do agree about your thoughts on flop and I wouldn't 3bet there either. We basically just making worse hands to fold and wont even get value from bluffs, although I don't think that such a passive guy will have that many bluffs in his range.

      So therefore your line is totally doable, although I don't really understand your line on river? What was the idea of behind the bet and making that small? He might easily have a lot of hands which just gonna pay us a lot more and therefore I'd bet the river definitely bigger like $12 at least. But as played and hopefully you had the plan that tried to induce him to raise then I am not really folding either.

      Against some wider range and as well sometimes he might even trap us with some overpairs:

      Board: Q:heart: 8:diamond: Q:club:  7:diamond:  2:spade:
             Equity     Win     Tie
      UTG    69.64%  64.29%   5.36% { KdQs }
      UTG+1  30.36%  25.00%   5.36% { KK+, 88, AQs, KQs, Q8s+, AQo, KQo, QTo+ }

      I'd Call the shove as well.

      Best regards.