Mixing it up

    • furculision
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      I wanted to ask a question about bankroll management.I want to start playing MTT's besides cash and i'm wondering:

      Does that imply using the same bankroll for both game forms 100 BI's for MTT and 30 BI for cash? If i have 1500$ does that mean i can play NL 50 and 11$ MTT's?


      Do i have to have 2 bankrolls,for example:1100$ for 11$ MTT *PLUS*
      1500$ for cash,totalling 2600$?

      How will a single bankroll handle these two types of games simultaneously?Am i looking at real trouble if variance knocks on the door?

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    • pleno1
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      It's fine to have one bankroll. If you are setting yourself 100 buy in for tournaments and 30 for cash then tis pretty easy.

      You start out with say $1000.

      You can play $10 MTT's and 30nl (if you can find the games)

      You win $400 in a tourament and $100 in a 30nl game, you now have $1500.

      You can now play $50 and $15 MTT's.