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Cash Game - Bad beat

    • Holdemfreakie
      Joined: 26.05.2011 Posts: 133
      So i had AK, everyone folds to me, i raise 4 times the big blind, and i get a call.

      Flop comes J :heart: A :spade: 5 :spade: he bets 0,60$, and here im putting him on either a weaker Ace, or a Flush draw. so i raise him 3 times his bet. ( 1.80$) here he goes all-in. Now im looking for some infomation on my Holdem Manager, and what i can see, he bluffed 5 times before, on the river.. he might did hit a set, but im still thinking he has a weaker Ace.

      So taking everything into a count, i make the call.

      He shows A :club: Q :spade:

      Now the River comes 8 :diamond: and now he hits Q :diamond:

      wins the pot for 10$.

      Thats my Bad beat story. is there anything i should have done diffrent in your eyes? please let me know, would help me improve my game.
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