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PLO June goal setting/review thread.

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    • SirVanek
      Joined: 02.08.2008 Posts: 1,195
      Do to the morale thing, this is more a wish list and not goal settings :

      At the begining of april i proposed a project to myself : play 50k hand at Stars plo 25 sh (reason being before that i was a bit 'dispersed' - playing 3k hand in one room because of 50$ bonus, or i couldn't play just omaha in another because not enough [good]table etc). Untill now i played 30k, so

      1st goal : hit that 50k mark. This means 20k hand more to go

      Also, at the begining of april i did buy leakbuster omaha and was horrified by my ratings (something like F ..). While i understand there is not only one good way in plo, i tought anything better than that so i started to modify my play to their recommendations.

      2nd goal : for the hands played in june have A rating from leakbuster

      Third is the usuall: why we play poker: well sometime for the game itself, but usually for profit. After 30k hand in my 50k project i have losses of a bit over 200$.

      3rd : win enough in June , so for the whole 50k hand i have atleast 0.01$ profit

      I still have a big unwatched video library, so:

      4 : watch at least 12 plo video
    • iamthesituation
      Joined: 15.08.2010 Posts: 32
      my only real goal is to stop being so prone to tilting. especially in PLO where bad beats happen all the time. i really need to learn how to maintain a proper mindset, so i don't spew more money off by being pissed off (just lost 7 buyins lol, fml)
    • L3ST
      Joined: 21.01.2010 Posts: 413
      Goal: Flop the nuts. Check. Get shove and reshove. Call. Profit :s_cool:

      Realistic goal: get proper BR for PL10. Start shortstacking PL25 50BB. Crush PL25.

      Longterm goal: stop running bad.
    • Waiboy
      Joined: 18.09.2008 Posts: 4,877
      Originally posted by L3ST
      Goal: Flop the nuts. Check. Get shove and reshove. Call. Profit :s_cool:
      Like this, except I think you're expecting too much with that last bit. :f_ugly:

      Ignore me, I'm just bitter. :f_p:

      BTW, remember, if you're shortstacking your variance likely increases (because you're getting the correct odds to shove more often given lower SPRs). If you play on FTP at any point, you'll find the short stack and cap tables are always where the fish finder melts down from over excitement. :f_cool:
    • Waiboy
      Joined: 18.09.2008 Posts: 4,877

      [ ] Watch at least one video per week. (this will be a major win if I do it, so goal wise this isn't as sad as it looks!).
      [ ] Complete reading the post flop articles from PLO from Scratch series.
      [ ] Post hands based around a theme.... possibly tie this in to PLO skype group discussion topics.
      [ ] Make Sunday afternoons, and one week day evening, hand review time.


      [ ] Play 5k hands. (set low because it depends on my BR swings).
      [ ] Don't monkey tilt shove v loose passive calling station short stacks. Ever.

      Sufficiently mediocre goals.. setting myself up for success!