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How to use WTSD%

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    • L3ST
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      WTSD shows how many times when in a pot, villain goes to showdown.

      Over 100 hand sample is ok, assuming villain plays VPIP 20+. That gives you 20+ hands of a sample. 25-30% ( 30% is kinda max assuming good run of cards ) is ok from what I remember from Leak Buster. On winning sample I have bit over 25%, but that's on micro limits, don't know where you're playing.

      WTSD is a very relative stat. Corelate it to aggresion for example, and you get to see if villain is passive fish that wants to see showdown or aggro TAG. For example < 1.0 Aggresion factor with 40%+ WTSD will lose a lot of money usually unless he's running god-like.

      Corelate it with VPIP also. 10/5 with 50% WTSD is a nit that will probably have the best hand. WTSD% is big, but consider he's only playing premium usually.

      Also, W$SD is important to corelate. If villain has big WTSD and big W$SD that means that on the river he has a big hand and knows his way on the streets.

      Analyzing opponents based on stats is very important if you look at the bigger picture. I'm using the above mentioned stats when calling light on the river vs possible missed draws. I sometimes get it wrong, but it feels good when I'm right.
    • sapheal
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      Originally posted by Evante

      I am new to stats and wonder how much samples are needed before i should start using the value?

      What does WTSD determines?

      Please advice
      Thank you
      hi Evante :s_love: ,

      WTSD gives you information about how often your opponent goes to showdown. Normal stat values are 24-30, mostly in the area 24-28
      depending on the strategy taken. It gives you information

      Sending an invitation :)