$600 bonus question

    • simoska
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      Hello, I'm thinking about depositing $600 on FTP this summer.
      I know that you have to get 25FTPs to clear 1 dollar. So if i want to clear $600 i would have to get around 15000 FTPs, right?
      Also do you get 1FTP for 1 raked dollar?
      I was wondering is this manageable to complete in 120 days playing 25NL (i would be playing rush poker for ~2hours a day)? Or how many hands roughly i would have to play to clear the bonus?
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    • thazar
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      you get 1.1 FTPs per $1 raked in a hand on a RUSH FR table and 1.66FTPs per $1 raked on SH RUSH table. you do an average of 250 hands per hour ,and the and the average pot on a table seem to be around $2.75 and $3.25 for FR and SH respectively.

      The rake is 5% at NL25. I 'll let you calculate the rest :P