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Pushing ranges STT

    • herekPL
      Joined: 13.05.2007 Posts: 6,181
      I've created pushing ranges against tight players -> stealling, BvB.

      Based on equity vs 25% calling range, witch i assume as average range that tight (reg) can call us with 10-5bb eff stack.

      Of course this is only "starting point", we should modifiy this depending on player type (loose, fish, nit), position, blind lvl.
      What do you think about it?

      10% 55+, A8s+, ATo+

      13% 33+, A7s+, KQs, A8o+

      15% 22+, A5s+, KJs+, A8o+

      18% 22+, A3s+, KTs+, QTs+, JTs, A7o+, KQo

      20% 22+, A2s+, KTs+, QTs+, JTs, A5o+, KQo

      25% 22+, A2s+, K9s+, Q9s+, J9s+, T8s+, 98s, 87s, A3o+, KJo+

      30% 22+, A2s+, K9s+, Q8s+, J8s+, T8s+, 98s, 87s, 76s, A2o+, KTo+, QTo+, JTo

      35% 22+, A2s+, K6s+, Q6s+, J7s+, T7s+, 96s+, 86s+, 75s+, 65s, A2o+, KTo+, QTo+, JTo, T9o

      40% 22+, A2s+, K5s+, Q5s+, J6s+, T6s+, 96s+, 85s+, 75s+, 64s+, 54s, A2o+, KTo+, Q9o+, J9o+, T9o, 98o

      45% 22+, A2s+, K4s+, Q4s+, J5s+, T6s+, 95s+, 85s+, 75s+, 64s+, 54s, A2o+, K9o+, Q9o+, J8o+, T8o+, 98o, 87o

      50% 22+, A2s+, K3s+, Q3s+, J4s+, T5s+, 95s+, 84s+, 74s+, 64s+, 53+s, A2o+, K9o+, Q8o+, J8o+, T7o+, 97o+, 86o+

      55% 22+, A2s+, K2s+, Q3s+, J3s+, T4s+, 95s+, 84s+, 74s+, 63s+, 53s+, 43s, A2o+, K7o+, Q8o+, J8o+, T7o+, 97o+, 86o+, 76o, 65o

      60% 22+, A2s+, K2s+, Q2s+, J3s+, T3s+, 94s+, 84s+, 74s+, 63s+, 53s+, 43s, A2o+, K6o+, Q8o+, J7o+, T7o+, 96o+, 86o+, 76o, 65o

      65% 22+, A2s+, K2s+, Q2s+, J2s+, T2s+, 93s+, 84s+, 73s+, 63s+, 53s+, 43s, A2o+, K6o+, Q6o+, J7o+, T6o+, 96o+, 86o+, 75o+, 65o, 54o

      70% 22+, A2s+, K2s+, Q2s+, J2s+, T2s+, 92s+, 82s+, 73s+, 62s+, 52s+, 43s, A2o+, K5o+, Q5o+, J6o+, T6o+, 96o+, 85o+, 75o+, 64o+, 54o
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    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      It looks fine as a start. A slight complication is that there is a blocking effect. If you have an ace in your hand, your opponent will have a calling hand less often, so it is ok to have a little less equity when you are called. For example, if the big blind will only call with AA, then A2o has less equity than 22 when called, but A2o will be called only half as often so A2o is a better pushing hand against that opponent.